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Dangit Fantasia DANGIT!

> April 17th, 2011 ---

Oh man I feel like murdering Fantasia. Too much SM’s and I was going to blow up. Why not me? Why can’t I be one? I don’t know. Halp me people. Fantasia can be a dutch. They may seem nice but they aren’t. Icedemon will slaughter you and Bockerboy is bossy.

There are new Sm’s but one of them isn’t me! Come on guys. I’ve been there since October 2010 and a SM there (amfman) has been there since December 2010! Come on! Why can’t I be a SM? They say about not how long you played but how you act and stuff. I know I was being a buthead yesterday and stuff. BUT COME ON. I killed minerman4’s sheeps and a chicken and got me locked up, and… tomorrow, a whole bunch of new Sm’s, BUT NOT ME. And then I kinda have a fit (I know) and I get like even more in trouble. I feel like I have no friends on Fantasia. Don’t go there. DANGIT FANTASIA DANGIT!!!!!!

Jakob wanted!

> April 16th, 2011 ---

Hello viewers and everyone else on BlockLand! I’ve stuck my head up in Minecraft and in Fantasia and I don’t get on Blockland. Plus, when I click on the icon, I just can’t get on BL. Please all friends, go on without me for a while. TNT shall wait, but not for long hopefully. So I shall see you all later. Bye.

TNT More Information

> March 2nd, 2011 ---

Hello! It’s me again. And, TNT is back up! TNT is my clan I have on my server. So, I’ll tell you a little story of it.

I was on irc being bored. Then, a guy on irc said ‘Hey! Come join my server! Whoever gets there first gets to name my clan’. So, I quickly went to his server and I named the clan TNT. The Natives Try. He liked it ok. (I can’t remember a whole lot that happened here but I’ll tell you what happened after a little after I named it.) Somehow, he got mad at me and gave the clan to me. I decided to make a base. I kinda copied the base after Nobo. He was a good friend. After that I updated it a lot but I got bored and I stopped the clan. After like 10 months or so, I started the clan back up again. My friend, Blocky Dude inspected the base and said we need a new one. Finally, we cleared that base and started to make another one. It had a lot more space in it. I created the gates and towers and Blocky Dude made some bots. He also made a power station and I’m like ‘Ho!’ and I made some power lines and I connected it to the power station. Then Dewy, Blocky Dude’s younger brother, a bit older than me, came on and decided to make a recruit camp. Then, Blocky Dude decided to make the rank stage. I checked on them time to time. Dewy, in  the Recruit Camp built a little. . . aiming gun thing. With the Shotgun G (I think that is what it was called) but soon updated it to a sniper I think and updated it to a pipe bomb practice.

Oh and, I also changed it to The Native Trys to The Native Tribe then I changed that again to The Native Tribes.

After that I got a little bored of that name and restarted it back to The Native Trys.

When Dewy was done with the pipe bomb thing he made a little secret place with special weapons. And also made a cafatirea called ‘Mess Hall’ it had to do with Hunger Mod. Blocky Dude, when he was finished with the rank stage I thought it was awsome. I think it went like this:

Recruit, Private First Class, Private, (Something), Corpral, (Some other stuff that he left regular bots) Doctor, (Something), Teacher Trainer (I think), (something), Gaurd, Recruit Trainer (Dewy), (something) (Blocky Dude).

So yeah, I guess that is my story. I might upgrade a lot to TNT soon! Thx! Please keep in touch with the Blog!

Blood Ravens

> March 2nd, 2011 ---

Well, you can really call me a stealer. I’ve been on Minecraft and been on a server called: Fantasia. It’s a really good server and I copied Blood Ravens from it. The current clans on Fantasia where: Blood Ravens, Asgard Aliance (I think), The Flying Monkeys, Space Wolves (Which I am in). The Blood Ravens on my server I kinda like. I like Fantasia sooo much. Anyways Blood Ravens will be updating a lot too. It is still in WIP but you can still join.
Leader: Ivanuri

Jakob’s RPG Life!

> March 2nd, 2011 ---

Hello! I’m having a hosting server time to time of an RPG. It’s not with spears and stuff. It has knifes and pistols. What you need to do is build a tent, on a tent lot by getting it by a Mod+ and getting a weapon before night. When night comes, there is no changing map (you need to pretend) but there is a rustle in the trees! Zombies come out and try to get you. Mods+ will try to protect you for a bit but will soon leave you to yourself. This has Hunger Mod and to eat food: /eatfood
There are current clans going on like: Blood Ravens
and: The Black Bears.
Come join a clan or make one. The clan will go up to 4 clans until there are lot more people joining.

TNT Rises!

> March 2nd, 2011 ---

I am starting a clan on BlockLand. It is TNT Entertainment. TNT is not the boom! thing. It’s The Natives Try! I might be updating it alot but please join the server and join the clan! 😀 Thanks!

Me and my Dad

> November 8th, 2010 ---

This is me and my dad just playing with the webcam. We just made a funny picture with Sepia.

Video Snapshot-13

Here’s another we did with X-Ray…

Video Snapshot-14

Music Man Junior (Theater)

> November 8th, 2010 ---

Being in theater for the first time was a bit scary. At first when I joined the Music Man I didn’t even know what the whole thing was about.

So one day, when I was at home, my mom and I searched it up. But that was when we were half done acting or so. I was a band boy. Even though there were some pests. *slaps pests.* I feel better now. Anyways, being in Theater in the Grove is really fun. Even the director.

Blockland 19

> November 8th, 2010 ---

Blockland Version 19 is now out. Blockland is the game where you build stuff and is very fun. Most people I see on there are mainly in six grade and up. Blockland has some people that curse here and there. Blockland just doesn’t have fun stuff to it, it also has programming. The demo is free, but you can’t do LAN or internet until you buy it for $20. Being in Blockland is very fun. I have friends on there. And its the game where people build… stuff.


Jakob’s acting debut! – “The Music Man Jr.”

> July 23rd, 2010 ---

Jakob is a cast member in Theatre in the Grove’s CAST (Community After School Theatre) production of “The Music Man Jr.”

Jakob as a band boy
Jakob in uniform as a band boy